2015 Chardonnay - Sorry SOLD OUT

2015 Chardonnay - Sorry SOLD OUT

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 Aged for 15 months in oak, this Chardonnay displays a tropical nose with hints of vanilla and pineapple. Soft structured with intense savoury characters and a long finish.

Eye: Soft golden hues

Nose: Tropical with hints of Vanilla and Pineapple.

Taste: Soft structured oak sprawling across the palate, providing texture and mouth feel. Intense savoury characters with hints of stonefruit, mango and threads of vanilla carrying the fruit weight. A long finish with a good acidic backbone.


Ideal with seafood or chicken, lean meats and Mediterranean style salads. Try also with creamy pasta and chorizo dishes.

Enjoy now chilled or cellar with care up to 5 - 8 years.